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Preorder Now Available for Trey Ferguson's Theologizin' Bigger, and Other News

Starting at 3pm ET Today: Surviving the Holidays after Faith Deconstruction

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Surviving the Holidays after Faith Deconstruction

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Growing Up Queer Is Tonight!

Giving Up God by Sarah Henn Hayward Now On Sale!

Online Event! Growing Up Queer in Evangelical Spaces

In Our Collective Grief, Find Your Cushion

Spiritual Healing of Trauma: Frank Rogers’s Cradled in the Arms of Compassion Now On Sale

Lake Drive Books Welcomes Recovery Expert Caroline Beidler

Sarah Hayward Would Love to Send You an Advance Copy of Giving Up God and Join Her Launch Team

Podcasts, Where Questioning Faith Is Alive and Well

A Personal Invitation from Frank Rogers Jr. to Be on the Launch Team for Cradled in the Arms of Compassion

unbelieve by Marla Taviano Now on Sale!

Brandon Flanery's Stumbling Now on Sale!

Exciting Updates on Lake Drive Books Authors

Do We Need to Believe in a Higher Being? Lake Drive Books Signs Sarah Henn Hayward

Midlife Crisis of Faith: Two Authors Talk Questions Sparked by Turning 40

Lake Drive Books Publishes the After Evangelicalism Group Study Guide

Celebrating One Year of Lake Drive Books

The Moment Being a Queer Ally Changed Everything

Grief Is Like a Trail in the Woods

A Black Pastor and a White Agnostic Walk into a Bookstore

Three Books on SPECIAL PRICE

Lake Drive Books Welcomes Christa Brown

How do you find hope in this difficult decade?

Confronting Bigotry at an Evangelical College and Finding Yourself

Lake Drive Books and Authors Update

Lake Drive Books Welcomes Jeff Elkins

Lake Drive Books Welcomes Trey Ferguson

Poems and Prayers to God with a Free Audiobook

Discover Who You Are with a Free Audiobook

Grief is not an indication that you don't have faith.

You’ve Discovered the Trauma in Your Life, but How Do You Deal with It Now?

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